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 2015/16 Tour


Competition Venue
Competition Tickets
Host Hotel
Los Angeles Center For Enriched Studies
5931 W. 18th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90035

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tickets for the June 18, 2016, Los Angeles, CA
Dance Moms Special Edition Competition

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purchase oriented issues and questions,
please contact Alex Erikson at 917-971-4995 or
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Judges and Announcer
Judges: Trevor Downey, Sergey Kheylik 
and Danny Valle
Announcer: Aurelia Michael

Saturday June 18 
7:30 am Building & Dressing Rooms Open
Teacher Registration
Acceptance of Music CDs
8:30 am Auditorium Opens
9:00 am Competition Starts
3:00 pm Award Ceremony
3:30 pm Competition Ends
*Times are Approximate
Please log in or create a studio profile on the 
registration page. For this competition only
audience admission tickets and competition
entries are $20.00 each ($20.00 per entry for
same competitor in multiple entries).


City Search
Thank you for your interest in the June 
18, 2016 Special Edition Competition
in Los Angeles, CA.

Experience a Day with Abby Lee Miller
and the Cast of Dance Moms!
Shooting a New Season 6 Episode!

Spa & Beauty

2016 Los Angeles Judges Poster
2016 Los Angeles Event Poster
2015/16 Tour Poster
2015/16 Regional Guidelines



Playlist will be posted after completed event.

Results will be posted after completed event.

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