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2017 Title Competition Guidelines

All Sheer Talent competition and workshop forms, must be submitted using the online registration, before June 15, 2017, for both 2017 national events. Competition and workshop forms must be inclusive at the time of submission. Registration will not be processed without a valid payment. Entries received after June 15, 2017, will be assessed a late fee of 10% on all balances and risk not being listed in the program. Please ensure accuracy of age as well as spelling of participant names and competition entry names. TBA is not allowed to be entered for dance styles, participants and/or competition entries.

Payment must be made using the online registration. Registrations received via fax are payable by credit card, all payments must be in $ USD. Sheer Talent reserves the right to approve all payment arrangements. All billing issues must be resolved prior to the competition. We accept Visa, MC, Discover and American Express. There will be a 6% service charge for any American Express transactions. Also, please note that a $50.00 fee will be applied towards returned checks due to insufficient funds, plus any other applicable bank fees.

All competition and workshop fees are non-refundable. Any credits due will be solely issued by Sheer Talent.

The Sheer Talent national title competition is exclusively for solos, at all age levels of competition: Small Wonders, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen and Senior. Any participant who enters a solo at a regional competition and scores in the Gold, Platinum, Titanium or Diamond Range (276 to 300 points) will automatically become eligible to participate in one of the national title competition finals.

A soloist may enter as many solo competition entries, all in different dance styles, as desired at a regional event. Should a competition participant enter more than one (1) solo at a regional event: for example: Tap solo, Lyrical solo and Ballet solo; only the highest scoring of the solos may be entered into the national title competition. The solo entered for national title competition is not eligible to compete in any other competition at the national event.

At a regional event, no places will be awarded for titles. Only an announcement of the solos, which score a Gold, Platinum, Titanium or Diamond award, will be made. Each solo will be awarded a certificate and given a national title entry form to attend one of the national title competitions.

The deadline for national title competition is June 15, 2017. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Each soloist who scores Gold, Platinum, or Titanium at a regional event and wishes to compete in the national title competition must submit the national title entry form, given at the attended regional event, along with a 8x10 high resolution head shot emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in addition to the national title fee. Head shots are not accepted by mail.

The Teacher of each participant is not required to register for national workshops in 2017. However, each national title participant must be represented by a designated chaperone.

Title participants must pay a title fee of $150.00 plus the workshop fee. Anyone with a national workshop scholarship is also required to purchase a banquet ticket. Anyone participating in the title competition will receive a regional workshop scholarship for the 2017/18 season, a participation medal and one piece of dance apparel.

Anyone with a national workshop scholarship received at a regional event, who enters the national title competition is not entitled to complimentary banquet ticket or lunch vouchers; and is required to purchase a banquet ticket.

Participants, except Small Wonders, in each of the national final cities will participate in one (1) audition class, 90 minutes in length. Title participants will be grouped into two age groups; Junior/Pre-Teen and Teen/Senior. During the audition class, the title participants will be asked to dance a ballet combination and a jazz combination, in front of the title competition judges. The average score will be taken from the title competition judges, with a maximum score of ten (10) point to be counted along with the competition score. The total score a participant can receive from the three judges is 310 points.

Sheer Talent is in agreement that each national title winner represents the entire respective region.

There will be an orientation of all title participants, explaining audition classes, dance apparel, workshop classes, numbers to be worn, and to be informed that they will be observed in every dance class as well as judged on their behavior and etiquette. Exact date and time to be announced.

Title participants will wear the following for Workshop & Audition class:
Ladies: Black Leotard, Tan Tights & Shoes 
Men: Black Jazz Pants or Tights, Black Shoes & White T-shirt

Title participants, including Small Wonders, will make themselves available for rehearsals all six days of the National Events to learn an opening number to be performed at the national banquet and award ceremony in the city of participation. Rehearsals are scheduled so they will not interfere with the competition or workshop. All title participants, including Small Wonders, are required to participate in title rehearsals and perform at the banquet.

Selection of the 2017 overall winners for Sheer Talent Crown Court will be determined by a panel of Judges who will adjudicate, all National Miss & Mr. in each age level, from each national city.






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